Businesses that thrive in this industry do so by providing top tier efficiency and convenience with their services. Our objective is to engineer a one stop brokerage that services the needs of realtors and their clients when it comes to all things real estate. The formula is simple; consolidate the business necessities and empower the agent through education, support, and unique tools/services.

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Building your real estate business requires an investment in you. MLSB The Bureau offers education, training, and mentorship programs. We cover residential, commercial, leasing, and property management. Wherever your business takes you, we can help.

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At The Bureau you are backed by all of our agents, brokers and on call legal assistance. Utilizing our technological background we stay true to our code of "A Brokerage for All" by developing cutting edge tools and partnerships to support your business needs.

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At The Bureau we know the power of technology and how to leverage it. Using the latest technology available and continuous development, we have created a platform of tools and relationships for our agents to deploy in their business. Together we are better.


Our Tools

The tools we equip our agents with are second to none.


We provide custom marketing and branding from listing and buyer presentations to custom apparel and social media templates.


We have developed partnerships with CINC, Easy Knock, Moveability, Alpha Construction and many more to provide the best service to our team.


We utilize AppFiles for document management and web tools powered by Carom Realty to give you an edge over the competition.

Legal Counsel

We have legal counsel on call. So if you ever find yourself with a question or in a tight spot we got your back.


We offer mentorship to our agents in all areas such as Commercial, Residential, Leasing and Property Management.

Lead Generation

We have developed technology partnerships with Carom Realty, OpCity and many more to provide, agent websites, Lead generation, and CRM.

Financial Benefits

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*Up to 98% split. Contact us to get your split.

Single Deal Calculator

*Up to 98% split. Contact us to get your split.

Broker % Agent % Your Commission
70% 30% $0.00
80% 20% $0.00
90% 10% $0.00
Your Current Split 100% 0% $0.00
The Bureau Split 2% 98% $0.00


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